Why you need a personal trainer

Personal Trainer Milton KynesThere are many reasons to use a personal trainer. They aren’t magicians, they can’t guarantee you results, you will have to work to achieve the results you desire. You’ll have to be honest and disciplined. The time you spend with your personal trainer is the easy bit. It’s what you do for the rest of the day that counts. So why do you need someone to help you?

You Don’t Know Where to Start

Knowing how to set up a complete exercise schedule that includes all the activities you need to do – cardio, weight training and flexibility – can be overwhelming.  Add the time and knowledge it takes to choose exercises, weights, reps and sets and you may quit before you even start.

This is where a personal trainer can be the biggest help. I can help you maximize your time while keeping you within your own limits so you don’t overdo it. I can also help you set goals and map out a specific schedule so you know when, how and where you’ll fit in your workouts.

You Need to Be Challenged

Sometimes you may find yourself slacking off on your workouts , especially when things get tough. A personal trainer can motivate you to push past those self-imposed limits, encouraging you to lift heavier, go longer and challenge yourself more than you would on your own. You’ll find it’s very hard to slack off with your trainer standing over you, telling you to do just…one…more…rep!  You may even find hidden strengths you never knew you had, which can motivate you even more.

You Want to Learn How to Exercise on your Own

Even if your goal is to create your own workouts and exercise by yourself at home or outdoors, using  a personal trainer for a few sessions can be a great benefit for learning the right way to exercise. This is especially true if you want to learn more about the muscles in your body, the exercises that target those muscles and how to do those exercises with correct form. Just a few sessions can teach you a lot about your body, how it works and how to train it in the most effective way to reach your goals.

You Need Accountability and Motivation

Personal trainers come with built-in motivation. Not only are you investing money into your exercise program…you’re investing time as well. There’s nothing like a booked appointment to get yourself to workout. Not only that, a personal trainer provides some accountability so, even when you don’t have a session, you know your personal trainer will be asking if you did your planned workouts. Just knowing that may make it harder to skip sessions.

You’re Training for a Sport or Event

If you’re training for a marathon, a golf tournament or some other type of sport or event, an experienced personal trainer can help you figure out what you need to do to stay strong without taking away from your other training. They can also help create a training program and map out a plan for the coming event.

You’re Not Seeing Results

If you’ve been exercising consistently for several weeks or months and aren’t losing weight or reaching your goals, hiring a personal trainer may be a good choice. A trainer can look at your current program and eating habits and help you see where you could make changes to create more effective workouts. A trainer can also help you determine if the goals you’ve set are realistic for you, hold you accountable for your workouts and help you stay motivated to exercise.  You may even find that you are getting results, just not in the way you expected, something a trainer may see more clearly from the outside.

Can a personal trainer help you? Be proactive. Give us a call and find out what we can do.

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